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[02080511:00pm ]

this community is dead.
i'm closing it down.. sorry.

go to 0_degrassi_cs_0 for a good rp
only like two characters left.. but everyone is very mature and active

[0101052:59am ]

We're still accepted characters for the following:

Jimmy Brooks
Marco Del Rossi
Emma Nelson
JT Yorke
Toby Isaacs

So reply here if you would like to be one of those characters. No application or anything, just a sample entry already and read the rules in the userinfo
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[1226047:58pm ]

hey just letting you know i just got my part today but i updated and also you didnt list hazel as a character and u put me under spinner so u might wanna fix that

[12120411:59am ]

This is my only public post here.

If you want to join, Leave a comment here with your application, and make sure to join so I can accept you.

Thanks <3
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